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Victoria Park Pledge

I've pledged to do everything I can to protect Victoria Park.
For over a decade I've fought to protect Victoria Park from the relentless slicing and dicing by local and state governments in their efforts to prioritise private-profits and external interests over community need.
Victoria Park provides a valuable service to people living here. It supports our health and wellbeing, it reduces air and groundwater pollution, it offsets urban heating, and it provides much needed habitat for local wildlife.
Our community cannot afford to lose any more of this precious parkland. I will keep fighting for the people of McConnel and to protect Victoria Park and its crucial green space for everyone's longterm benefit.
🌱 Protect Victoria Park’s flora and fauna, and open the park to the public
🌱 Expand existing State Heritage listing to include the entire park
🌱 No more loss of green space
🌱 Elevate, prioritise, and embed the voices of the Turrbal, Jagera, Yugara First Nations people on all decisions relating to Victoria Park
🌱 Rezone Victoria Park as Open (Green) Space to reinstate public oversight and help safeguard this important parkland from further privatisation, road projects, and development.
🌱 Grant veto power over any development applications to environment and heritage assessors.