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Get the word out!

Take our message further!

To get our vision for a better world in front of more Queenslanders than ever before, we need social media to put us there.


Want to help? It couldn’t be easier.

To take our message further, we need to crush the money-hungry social media algorithm by maximising engagement on Kirsten’s posts as soon as they go up. 

While Labor and LNP throw huge dollars behind their social media ads (thanks to the donations they take from big corporations), we rely on people-power. And with your help, our grassroots ground campaign is going digital.

Fill out the form and we’ll send you an SMS prompt a couple of times a week asking you to quickly jump in and like, share, and comment on Kirsten latest Facebook post.

The more engagement Kirsten gets in the first 60 minutes of making the post, the more we will reach new people in the electorate.

Also if you want to get more involved in the campaign beyond engaging online, make sure to let us know on the form that you’re interested in volunteering too!

Who's volunteering
Andrew Bartlett
Clair Evans
Janine Stpehen
Aaron Hainey
Matthew Sims
Brent Sheriff
Jud Campbell