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Planning & Development

Across Queensland, residents have lost control of their neighbourhoods. The Planning Act introduced by Labor in 2016 has stacked the system in favour of property developers. In the same year that Queensland Labor introduced the Planning Act, they took over $270,000 in donations from property developers. Labor took money from property developers then returned the favour. 

The Greens would fundamentally transform and democratise our planning system. We’ll take power from the developers and give it back to everyday Queenslanders. 


The Queensland Greens will:


  1. Launch a groundbreaking trial of deliberative democracy for neighbourhood plans

  2. Tighten neighbourhood plans to end special deals for developers

    a. Strict and binding height limits

    b. No exemptions to boundary setbacks

    c. Binding minimum requirements for trees and green space

  3. Overhaul the Planning Act

    a. Make sure all major developments are “Impact Assessable”

    b. Strengthen community objection rights

    c. Close loopholes in the Planning Act

    d. Restrict construction noise

    e. Ban development in flood-prone areas