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Help fund our people powered movement

This is not just any election. It's not just any campaign.

At this pivotal moment, our community has the opportunity to elect the genuine grass-roots representation it deserves.

Kirsten Lovejoy and the Queensland Greens are on track to win McConnel this October.

But we need your help.

Who's donating
Julia Jackson
Trina Massey
Josephine Perret
Gail Mensinga
Troy Turner
Trina Massey
Dorotee Braun
Clinton Moore
Ben Pennings
Matthew Fergus
Ross Anderson
Max Klok
Philip Alford
Peter Holbrook
Chris Cox
Jules Morton
Lonnie Gilroy
Christopher Dean
Dr Michael John
Mehrin Rashed
Brent Sheriff
Mike Reid
Rachael Brennan
Ryan Lago
Sarah Anderssen
Wilsen Brincat
Don Sinnamon
Bruce Mann
Colin Mickelo
Greig Ewart

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