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Help fund our people powered movement

This is not just any election. It's not just any campaign.

At this pivotal moment, our community has the opportunity to elect the genuine grass-roots representation it deserves.

Kirsten Lovejoy and the Queensland Greens are on track to win McConnel this October.

But we need your help.

Who's donating
Colin Mickelo
Greig Ewart
Emily Golik
Josh Bain
Josephine Perret
Julieanne Richards
Brit Thorogood
Jason Ball
Brett Currie
Oliver Yates
Lachlan Patterson
Dinesh Mathew
Tom Henderson
Zia Hakimi
Michael Waters
Jen Yu
Emily Golik
Julian Glassock
Jules Morton
Cheryl Taube
Saskia Mathers
Alexander Grierson
Josephine Perret
Sofia Raven
Ryan Lago
Jayden Kerslake
Don Sinnamon
Carrie Barham
Adrian Jones
Heather Blake