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$7,000 GOAL


$7,231.00 RAISED

Together we're unstoppable!

Here in McConnel, we’re in an incredible position. We’re less than a 3% swing away from an historic win - that’s less than half of the swing we got in 2017.

A $7,000 fighting fund will give our campaign the boost it needs to: 

  • Double our capacity to call voters by funding more organisers and equipment
  • Reach tens-of-thousands of voters with flyers, letters and Facebook advertising
  • Boost our online organising capacity with better software and online tools

I know it’s not going to be easy. Labor and the LNP have millions of dollars in corporate donations. But we have you.

And here’s the thing, in the end ordinary people working together to change the world always beats big money.

Can you chip in to help us win McConnel?

Who's donating
Michael Lusis
Liam Sheppard
Josephine Perret
Mitch Thompson
Marcus Foth
Max Klok
Kara Beavis
Jim Ss
Christopher Harris
Susan Stafford
Adele O'Hare
Kate Wild
Kate Griffith
Meredith Kidby
Gail Mensinga
Guy Mosel
Jud Campbell
Nettie Browne
Mark Taylor
Jacqueline Marks
Dominiqe Bird
Kathy Reid
James Hansen
Julian Glassock
Geoffrey Buchanan
Greig Ewart
Elizabeth Watson Brown
Damian Lovejoy
Lou Newsham
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The first $1,500 of membership fees and/or donations to a political party from individuals in a financial year are tax deductible. Donations of $1,000 and over are reportable to ECQ. A person who makes such a political donation must give ECQ a report in the approved form, eight weeks after the end of a 6 monthly period ie 31 December and 30 June.

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