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Cheaper Bills More Jobs

Our electricity system is being privatised by stealth.

Since Labor privatised electricity retail in 2006, prices have nearly doubled. Meanwhile Labor is allowing private corporations to build virtually all the new power generation in Queensland. Currently, 46% of power generation in Queensland is publicly owned. By 2030, only 29% of generation will be publicly owned. Electricity is an essential service - private corporations shouldn’t make a profit off something every Queenslander needs to live a good life.

The State Government's CleanCo is a PR exercise. Under CleanCo the proportion of publicly owned electricity generation in Queensland will drop over the next four years. In fact, Adani has built more solar generation in Queensland than the state owned CleanCo has built or plans to build. As a result, Labor’s already weak 50% renewable energy by 2030 target isn’t even on track to be met.

We need a plan that puts our electricity system back into public hands, leads to cheaper bills and creates thousands of jobs.

The Greens’ Cheaper Bills More Jobs plan will create 23,000 jobs a year and cut the average Queenslander’s electricity bill in half, by transitioning to 100% public and community owned renewable energy.


The Greens will:

- End electricity privatisation in Queensland: Establish Energy Queensland as a democratic, public authority responsible for all retail, network and generation in Queensland

- Create an average of 23,000 jobs a year building publicly owned renewable energy: Invest $25 billion through Energy Queensland in building 20,000MW of publicly owned wind, solar, and energy storage, including utility batteries and pumped hydro, over four years

- Cut electricity bills by 46%: Reverse Labor’s privatisation of electricity retail and stop the price gouging by state owned network and generation companies

- Unlock thousands of jobs in regional Queensland: Invest $6.4 billion in new transmission lines, unlocking the enormous renewable energy potential across regional Queensland

- Reach 100% renewable energy by 2030: Build 100% publicly owned renewable energy

- Create good, secure jobs: Ban the use of labour hire for renewable energy projects and guarantee leave entitlements and sick pay for every job

- Give communities direct ownership of renewables: Establish a $2 billion fund to help communities establish cooperatively owned renewable energy projects

- Ensure cheap battery storage for every household: Establish a $1 billion household and small business battery storage rebate scheme

- Ensure a fair price for solar: Create a fairer feed-in tariff to ensure people get a fair price for their rooftop solar



Read the full policy details here.