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Aircraft Noise

My team and I have spoken with thousands and thousands of people in our community over the past six months. A lot of the issues for them have remained unchanged or worsened over the years. Overdevelopment. Lack of green space. Cost-of-living. Struggling local economy. Action on climate change. Feeling unheard by their elected representatives. 

After fighting these battles for our community for so many years, it became clear that the system was broken. The only way to fix this broken system is to change it.

For all these reasons and more…I’m running. 

But since the second Brisbane Airport runway opened in July, community members in parts of New Farm and Newstead (and other suburbs along our city’s river) are identifying a new problem: aircraft noise.

And still they feel unheard (not just because of the airplanes roaring overhead either).

This isn’t just a NIMBY thing. Our community genuinely appreciates what it means to live in the heart of our city. But from all reports, even with the new runway operating below capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions, the noise pollution impacts are beyond what our community expected or had been consulted on, and many attempts to raise the issue with our local representatives and relevant bodies have resulted in buck-passing.

While airport regulation may technically be a Federal issue, I am firmly committed to doing what I can to support our community, no matter where responsibility lies. 

I’ve already taken this issue up with Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters who has in turn taken it up with the Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, who is responsible for regulation on this issue.

On our behalf, Larissa has asked for answers on what action is being undertaken in response to the community’s concerns and asked him to take action on national standards to ensure that impacts on communities are rigorously assessed in making decisions on flight paths. 

We’ve not heard back from Deputy Prime Minister McCormack, but impacts on the health and wellbeing of our community require genuine action by the Federal Government and Brisbane Airport Corporation.

This is why I’m running, to elevate the voices of our community and recognised experts. I’ll keep doing what I can to ensure our community isn’t ignored moving forward.