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Our Story

Kirsten Lovejoy is on track to win McConnel at the state election.

In 2017 we were just 803 votes away from making history. In 2020 we’ll go one better.

For over 20 years Kirsten has developed policies and programs to manage climate risk and support vulnerable Queenslanders. Throughout this time she has passionately volunteered and advocated for our community, supporting organisations like the Brisbane Central State School P&C and the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

Kirsten has tirelessly fought against overdevelopment and for our public and green spaces. She has resolutely stood to protect our local schools, small businesses, and precious natural environment. She rejects inequality, forever standing strong with First Nations and LGBTQI+ people, asylum seekers, our homeless and other marginalised groups, who have been sold out by a broken system.

Kirsten has devoted her life to fighting for fairness, justice and sustainability.

Our campaign continues this mission.

We are a movement that is pushing back against policy neglect. We are a movement where people come first and corporate profits do not. We are a movement that puts public education and healthcare front and centre, and where addressing housing and homelessness is prioritised.

McConnel residents want an end to the corporate control of our political system.

It’s time to reimagine what local representation can be.

Together we can protect our planet and right decades of injustice, while shaping a future where housing, education, hospitals, transport and green space are available for all.

Our community deserves genuine democratic leadership that puts people first.

It’s our time.