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My Story

I’m Kirsten, your Greens candidate for McConnel. I’m a climate risk specialist, community advocate, and mum who loves her family. I’ve been a Spring Hill local for 15 years, and you’ll often see me on my bike or walking my lovable dog Myrtle. In the 2017 state election I just missed winning McConnel by 803 votes.

I might be a city professional now, but I was raised by my dad in the outback mining town of Broken Hill, left school in year 10, and worked hard in retail and labouring jobs to keep my head above water until I made it to uni.   

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to use my expertise in social and environmental science, economics, and policy, to work in community advocacy roles, strategic policy development, and community service delivery. 

It was never my goal to run as a political candidate. Public speaking, photoshoots, being the centre of attention, has never been my thing. But my 20 years as a professional, 15 years volunteering in the community, and all that I’ve seen and experienced over my life has compelled me to take action. 

I’m running because we need to fix this broken system.  

I can’t stand by while politicians make laws to suit themselves and their corporate donors. Inequality is getting worse. The risks from climate change go unchecked. And our communities and neighbourhoods are repeatedly trampled by profit-driven overdevelopment, with huge impacts on our schools, green space, streets, and natural habitat.      

I’m determined to clean up politics to put people and our future first. And I’ll work my tail off to make that happen.